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Instead of Boycotting North Carolina, Try Actually Helping LGBT People

Imagine if, instead of canceling plans to build a new center in North Carolina, which would have created 400+ new jobs in the state, Paypal had created the center with entirely gender-neutral bathrooms and done what it could to hire and support LGBT employees.

Imagine if, instead of banning government employees from non-essential travel to North Carolina, Andrew Cuomo had encouraged interested employees to visit North Carolina and assist LGBT citizens on the ground.

Imagine if, instead of canceling his North Carolina concert, Bruce Springsteen had found a venue with gender-neutral bathrooms willing to take him in, and donated his concert proceeds to pro-LGBT charities working to help North Carolinians fight against draconian anti-LGBT laws.

Imagine if, instead of stopping service to North Carolina, Xhamster.com started providing more LGBT-focused porn to the state, and offered assistance to LGBT folks in need.

Do North Carolinian LGBT citizens, you know – the people who are actually affected by the bill – want to be boycotted? Did anyone ever ask them?

Perhaps, in addition to drafting a letter asking North Carolina to repeal its anti-LGBT law, 100+ companies could convert their bathrooms to be gender-neutral (or at least provide gender neutral options), rendering the bathroom law ineffective, and offer financial and legal support to LGBT citizens in the State.

Working within the legal framework is slow and inefficient. If we can make a law ineffective right now, why wait until the law can be repealed? Certainly, it should be repealed. But standing back and letting LGBT citizens try to survive under these conditions while we deny them jobs, concerts, and even porn is hardly helpful to anyone in a meaningful way today.

Maybe instead of taking self-glorifying grandiose stands that make vulnerable minorities even more vulnerable and leave LGBT citizens to fend for themselves, we could turn our attention toward the state and do everything we can to help out LGBT people. It’s just a thought.